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Character Meditations

In the book Life Breather Finding the Five, there are five main characters, each with unique struggles and gifts. But the gift they all share is the gift of breath. Each of these meditations corresponds with a character. Come and let them speak to you. 

Dandelion Fields

The Meadow

Welcome to the meadow. In this meditation, Leena will guide you through the process of feeling the emotion of sadness and restoring hope to your soul. 

Quiet Forest

The Forest

Welcome to the forest. In this meditation, Fife will guide you through affirmation statements. As you meditate with affirmation statements regularly, your mind accepts them as truth.


The Sea

Welcome to the sea. In this meditation, Jillian will guide you to the peace that is inside you. Come to the sea. It is a place of peace.

Desert Views

The Canyon

Welcome to the canyon. In this meditation, Mandy will help you process negative emotions such as anger, frustration, jealousy, or guilt. These emotions are normal but they are not useful.

It is time to let it go.

The Mountain

Welcome to the mountain. In this meditation, Lance will guide you through a journey up the mountain. Visualization is an important step in reaching any goal. You will get there, one step at a time.


This is a clarifying meditation. The gemstone amethyst is symbolic of clarity. Our bodies are most receptive to solutions and answers when we are calm and listening.

Come relax and breathe in the goodness that rests inside you.


This is a loving-kindness meditation.

The gemstone amazonite is also called the harmony stone. If we desire it, it's possible for us to feel genuine love for all, creating harmony inside us. 


This meditation will help you see that you are priceless, precious, and pure, but not perfect. The pearl is symbolic of gaining wisdom through experience. 


This is a grounding meditation, used to balance emotions within. The stone hematite symbolizes balance. Use this meditation to reconnect to the earth and be grounded. 

Lapis Lazuli

This is a remembering meditation.

The gemstone lapis lazuli is symbolic of knowledge, truth, and remembering.

Our memories can be powerful sources of light in our lives. Come and remember. 

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