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Image by Kristine Cinate

Life Breather

Life Breather

Surrounded by the darkness, Leena survived alone in the meadow. Her family is gone. Her home–destroyed. The Destroyers have come, covering the world in blackness, laying claim to all living, breathing things.


Haunted by the thundering echo of the Destroyers, Leena is frozen in grief. She must call upon her gift of breath to restore life to the earth, but she cannot do it alone. Leena is a Life Breather and now she must find the other Life Breathers. If there is any hope of defeating the Destroyers, healing the earth and bringing her family back, leaving her meadow is the only way.


This is a story about death and life. About sadness and hope. About destruction and healing. This is Leena's story. About her meadow, her purpose, and how her breath healed her. When the darkness settles in, sometimes there’s nothing else to do but keep breathing.


And that is exactly what Leena decided to do.


Available in hardcover, paperback and eBook!

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Life Breather Finding the Five is what I call "fiction with a purpose". Through this magical story, the reader will learn the technique of using breath to calm their insides during panic or stress, learn to relax into negative emotion-allowing the uncomfortable feeling, and will also be genuinely entertained in the process through a creative story with loveable characters that are sure to melt your heart.


Meditation is a life skill that is not as difficult as one might think. Training your mind to be still is a learned skill that will benefit every part of your life from your health to your happiness.

This book is meant to be enjoyed by all ages. I wrote it in hopes that a parent would read it out loud to a child at night. I imagined a middle school teacher reading it to a classroom full of tired and worn-out pre-teens. And a teenager might find some comfort in these pages and know they are not alone. My hope is for a person of any age to read it and learn the importance of intentional breathing and the simple yet powerful skill of meditation.


This story has my whole heart. The characters came to me with their names and personalities already in place, begging me to write. It has been my honor to introduce them to the world through this story so they can teach you.  

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