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Book Club Questions

Discussion and Reflection Questions for
Life Breather Finding the Five

  1. How did the book Life Breather Finding the Five impact you? Do you think you’ll remember it in a few months or years?


   2. Would you ever consider rereading it? Why or why not?


   3. Which character did you relate to, or empathize with, the most?


   4. How did this book make you feel? Did it evoke emotions? Make you laugh, cry or cringe?


   5. How, if at all, did this book relate to your own life? Did it evoke any memories or create connections for you?


   6. What were some of your favorite scenes from the book? Why did they stand out to you?


   7. Would you want to adapt this book into a movie? How would you envision it if you did? Who would play the main characters?


   8. Discuss the author’s use of symbols, metaphors, or imagery to convey their ideas or emotions. How is each character connected to their gemstone and scents symbolically?


   9. How did the book make you think or feel about a certain topic or issue?


   10. What did you learn from the book or what did it teach you about yourself or others?


   11. How relevant or relatable are the themes or messages of the book to your own life, or to society today?


   12. How did the author create conflict and tension in the book? What was the main conflict or problem in the story and how was it resolved?


   13. What was the most memorable or shocking scene or twist in the story and why?


   14. How did you feel about the ending? Was it satisfying or did you want more?


   15. What special abilities or powers did the main characters have that made them unique or powerful? Are these powers or abilities that you’d like to have? Why or why not? What would you do with these abilities?


   16. How did the author use the setting and atmosphere of the book to enhance the mood of the story?


   17. What was the main message or lesson of this book? Did you find it inspiring and motivating?


   18. How did this book relate to your own life experiences or interests? Did it inspire you to take any action or make any changes in your life?


   19. How do you plan to implement what you’ve learned from this book in your daily life? What are some specific steps or strategies that you will use?


   20. Each of the five characters have specific mental struggles. Can you describe those struggles? How does each character deal with their challenge? 

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