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Krystal Pederson

Author of Life Breather Finding the Five

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New Release

Life Breather

What if the earth stopped breathing? And the fate of all life was in the hands of a child? Leena’s journey will capture your heart and bring hope to your soul.


This magical story will teach children, youth, and adults how to meditate by using breath to heal. 

Come with Leena and learn to truly breathe for the first time.

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Praise & Reviews

"In a busy world where mental, physical, and emotional health are at an all time low, intentional breathing is often overlooked as an impactful way to heal and thrive.

This beautiful story opens the door to understanding and recognizing the power breath and meditation can have in our lives.

Simple and entertaining, yet deep and inspiring

- to be enjoyed by young and old alike!"

Jesika Harmon 

Certified Meditation Coach

"A stunning exploration of inner strength and the power we find when we quiet our minds."

C.A. Farran

Author of Songs of the Wicked

"A world rich with magic and lore, with an irresistible heroine who guides us on a soul-healing journey. This book is truly a beacon of light. Compelling and beautifully written."

Friel Black


Krystal enjoys eating popcorn and spending time in her flowerbeds. Not necessarily at the same time, but maybe. Naps with puffy pillows, jackets with pockets and the moon, especially the slim sliver moon makes her smile. She loves the peace she has discovered through meditation. The world is full of goodness and there is peace inside us all.

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